365 Day Photo Challenge day 277 a day on the water :-)

Lars needs a little touchup paint, his hat and nose are cracking a bit.  Yesterday my wife invited one of her work friends, her husband, and their kids. I invited my good friend Bill (who has now been on the boat more than any other friend!) My daughter came along; kids love her!  We set off to wander up the Severn River and see what could be seen.

The wind was brisk, and it was an incredibly busy day on the water. I didn’t want to head out towards the Bay Bridge, because I was concerned about being far from shore with little kids. The kids, however, did exceptionally well. Puttering up the river and talk was nice. I did have the 80;s playing from SiriusXM in the background. My daughter wouldn’t let me play the 70’s!

We had lunch down below for everyone. Sparkling water and Bill brought Goya Malta as well (I am addicted to that stuff).

Great conversation, great friends, great day on the water!

Anyone can join the photo challenge. Lars wants to see YOUR pictures!


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Written by DocAndersen

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