365 Day Photo Challenge Day 275. Since I have been in this challenge I have started to take pictures every single day. It really has changed how I take and share pictures very little. Other than the fact that I take them every day now. Oh yeah long title!

I have posted tech column about this device for more than three years. It arrived of course while I was out of town (something about watched pots and never boiling). The OpenROV device. It is an ROV to use in water. It is a device I have been waiting for. Now I just have to charge it and learn how to use the controller. In the sad reality of the modern world, I have to ask my twins for help. They are gaming controller masters, and I am at best a Newbie with game controllers.  Newbie compared to my daughter, her finance, and the Twins. Not a Newbie in the sense that I have never used them before. It is just that for me I need to relearn some of the overall nuances of how to effectively control an ROV.

(ROV stands for a remotely operated vehicle, there are two types of wireless (Wi-fi, Cellular or Bluetooth) or wired (such as the OpenROV).

Anyone can post pictures for the photo challenge! Just point, shoot and snap!


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Written by DocAndersen

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