365 Day Photo Challenge Day 265 only 100 posts to go!

Today a picture of the box that will become a couch. Notquite sure if it will morph like a power ranger or possibly grow like a tree. It is, however, destined to be a couch. Well, not a couch. It is simply the motors for the two recliners that seem to havedied. Yea though I walk through the living roomwhen I sit I will again be able to put my feet up! Except that is not the spotwhere I tend to sit (read Archie Bunker and his chair,) Still it is a coolfuture couch part box.

The sad part is that the box that will be a couch has been on order for a month. Before that, it was a month of the company trying tofigure out if they could still order the part. So we’ve been legless in Seattle for more than two months. Or morecorrectly recline less in Germantown. Anew movie, by the way, starring Meg Ryanand Tom Hanks (ok it isn’t, but I love Sleeplessin Seattle – a personal favorite)!


Anyone can take pictures of boxes! Why don’t you? Take apicture, and join the challenge!

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