365 Day Photo Challenge Day 262 my walk silent, broken.

There are moments in our lives, days that we notice things. Yesterday, I was walking (by myself, when it is too hot the Labs don’t walk as far). If you saw me walking, I was also contemplating and thinking not really at that moment engaged with the world. I was off in my world. When it is just me walking, I do wander off inside my head. Their journey’s yet to be taken and memories yet to share. All of us, need time to reflect on the world within. Certainly, we should all notice and respect the world around us. But sometimes, we need to look at the world within. Which Iw as in the process of doing yesterday.  The silent reverie of peaceful walking. Sometimes, I wear my headset and listen to an Audible book as an I walk. Sometimes I simply walk, arms going forward and backward at my side, feet keeping time with my inner rhythm. That was yesterday, the walk of determination. Going from place to place without a destination in mind, rather an accomplishment of a high-level goal, gaining steps and a specific distance on a Walk.

My silent reflection was broken by the sound of children in a pool.

Perhaps better described as children at play. I snapped the picture from the outside looking at the bushes. I couldn’t from my spot on the sidewalk see the children, hear them.

I don’t miss having to maintain and operate a pool. But I do miss the sound children make when they are playing.


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Written by DocAndersen

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