365 Day Photo Challenge Day 261

Friday nights are always interesting in our house. Often we order food in and relax. We have a family rule about not cooking on Friday’s. Sometimes we get up and go out! One of the twins got a job at one of the local restaurants as a server. That meant we had to pack the family up and order food from them. It was nice to have my food brought with a smile. Normally when the twins cook, there is a growling grimacing noise in the kitchen. Lots of slamming of pans and annoying noises. Last night it was quiet, our food prepared quietly and delivered by a smiling member of our family. Other than the mandatory server rules we were stuck with it was a wonderful experience. (You have to tip well, and you have to buy me dinner, or you can’t come)!


Anyone can join the photo challenge – you don’t even have to go out to dinner! Although you can if you want to, go out to dinner.

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