365 Day Photo Challenge Day 260

In our kitchen, when it has hung in our last three houses, our chalkboard. I do have to admit; when I first started out teaching, I had a classroom with two walls of chalkboards. My students used to warn the next yearโ€™s class that I filled both walls every day. I love chalkboards, whiteboards and so on. It is something that I love writing on! This particular one is now our partial shopping list. Part of the shopping list comes from the things we need. Part comes from the refrigerator telling us what is low. The last part of the list right before they head off shopping is to check the chalkboard. Funny thing is, we bought it years ago, and it has never actually been used for its intended purpose.

What is for dinner tonight at the board announces!

It has been part of our shopping list since the first time we hung it.


Anyone can join the photo challenge โ€“ write it on post-it notes, chalkboard, whiteboard or apiece of paper and remain yourself. Today is the first day I post!!!! (or 100th day, or a 260th day or more)


What do you think?


Written by DocAndersen

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