365 Day Photo Challenge Day 259 the flowers, asleep in their bed…

It is funny, our area of Germantown near, around and by therecreation center, continues to grow. Down the road on our old walking path isanother subdivision. They are big into havinga colorful flower display (as is ourneighborhood) at what is considered the main entrance to the subdivision. I have never really understoodthat need for an entrance. But I grew up in suburban Bloomington Indiana where the entrance to our subdivision when Iwas young was a sign that said welcome to Sherwood Oaks. The second subdivisionwe lived in (Sycamore Knolls) didn’t have a sign. In Maryland, they all have the grand opening. You can as well tell the age of the subdivision bythe type of grand entrance they have!

Not sure why that wandered in, now it has wandered off toyou! Good luck figuring Maryland housingout!



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