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365 Day Photo Challenge Day 233, Dylan in Charge.

Dylan, or Bear as I call him, out in front. It was cool in the morning early for my walk, so Dylan came along. He is around eight years old now, so he can’t always go on two walks in a day. But, I was doing the math (yes when we walk, I often drift off and work in my head) and realized that Dylan has been on between 1600 and 1700 walks with me. Dylan always in front. Always telling me where to go. The second day, it was a little warmer, but now that he got to go on a morning walk, Dylan was ready for two walks. He has always been ready to go on a walk. It is both his passion and his job. Mostly I think it is just what we have always done. Dogs are creatures of habit, and the walk is Dylan’s habit.

If I am late, I am in trouble!

Anyone can join the photo challenge. You don’t have to be competing your 1700th walk. You just need to take a picture and share it!

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  1. That’s it Dylan Bear, take your master out for a walk just like my Princess, Bell and last Tasha used to. But Tasha was an exceptional person walker, so much so that I had to get a prong collar for her so that she did not walk and pull me to my death. Being part Husky/German Shepherd, whenever she went out for a walk she though she was pulling a sleigh and would drag me and my ex along in the back of her. At least I got my daily exercise with her. I still miss her to this day. Sorry if I always talk about her, but Dylan seems to be just like her that is faithful, gentle, friendly and outgoing (mostly to go out for a walk). Thank you for sharing this picture of Dylan.

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