365 Day Photo Challenge Day 215 Yes, I voted!

You are not supposed to take pictures inside a polling place, but I stepped outside for this one. Yesterday was the primary election day. It was a significant change from the last big election (2016) when the lines were outside the building in the November election. This is what is called a mid- or frequently called a local election. US Congress representatives serve two-year terms so every two years they are up for election. Governors serve four-year terms, but depending on the state they are either elected on the same year as the US President is elected or they are in the off-year election. Senators are elected for six-year terms which means that there are never more than a 1/3 of the US Senate running for election any of the three elections during their terms.

I am wearing me I voted sticker. It lasted until Lunch time then I took it off!

Anyone can challenge join the photos! Simply post pictures and share!

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