365 Day Photo Challenge Day 212 Dinner was at 6 pm!

Last night for dinner I made green curry. First, it was not my intention to make a sweet curry. I like Thai Curries that stop you in your tracks and make you sweat. But, I was not cooking for me. My wife found a recipe for a green curry that she thought she might like (she did). It, of course, combined my wife’s favorite things in a meal, fruit, and meat in the same dish. It turned out pretty well, although going back I should have used more chicken broth. It was a little thicker than the curry I am used to would normally be. My wife prefers when others cook. She will on occasion cook various things, but for the most part, she is happiest when someone else in the family cooks.

(My mother is the same way. We used to kid my mother, because when someone else made anything my mother would always say “that was the best (insert food made here) I’ve ever had,}

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Written by DocAndersen

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