365 Day Photo Challenge Day 185 (84 consecutive days with no thumb picture!)

We wandered over to Annapolis yesterday, but it was a prep for Today’s boat trip! Still, my rule, have to get a picture of Captain Lars. Lars loves boating!

Mostly we went to start the engines (make sure everything was ok) and to check the morning. With all the rain in the past couple of weeks, the back creek is way up even at low tide; you sometimes have to raise your boat in that scenario. We got a nasty scrape on our fiberglass tying the boat too close. You have to be careful with the overall positioning of the boat in the slip relative to river current and of course, the wind and winter as well as the pair. It is a lot of careful positioning, and honestly, I am still learning. On the other side my wife has to get the moorings just right, plus as we dock the boat, she has to reach out and grab the far pole mooring. Four of our mooring poles, because of where our slip is, is directly on the dock. The fifth mooring pool is shared with our neighbor and is in the water. That means as we pull into the slip each time, she has to grab the morning line hung on that pole. It is not an easy job, but she does a bang-up job.

Anyone can join the photo challenge. You share pictures that are less than seven days old, 365 times! Easy, squeezy lemon pleezy!

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  1. Aha, that’s it. Stanchion, no wonder I couldn’t remember the name of it. It looks like someone squashed a U. lol Yes, it does take balance for sure. I can’t do it. Id end up face flat on the dock, giggles.

  2. That boat is so clean, it looks like its right out of the factory. My sister got caught in between the slip and boat one time trying to tie off. She slipped, and got her belt loop caught on the thingy on the boat.. Yes, I don’t know what its called. Anyway, I learned about how adrenaline works that day. My mom ran up front, grabbed her with one hand and raised her back onto the boat before the boat reached the slip. She was 16 yrs old at the time, and not small.

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