365 Day Photo Challenge Day 161

The arrival of warmer weather and a little rain has caused the trees to explode. What once was their little secret is now open and visible to all. One of the other things I noticed about spring is the number of mulch people use. There is a parking lot in our neighborhood overflow parking for the clubhouse, and easy access parking for the tennis courts (although most people just park on the street for the tennis courts making it harder to drive that section of the road). That lot, which is roughly 20 yards by 60 yards was filled with mulch by our neighborhood association. The mulch that they would be putting all around the outside areas of our neighborhood.

That meant there was a lot of mulch. One of the twins is allergic to the mulch, so we had to walk a slightly modified route while they were laying the mulch down.

It looks nice and all, but the impact on the twin made it less beautiful and more annoying.

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  1. That is too bad about the allergy to mulch. I have seen some starting to use an alternative to mulch. Some us e cedar shavings, some pine straw. Too bad everyone is not doing this for your benefit.

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