365 Day Photo Challenge Day 107

I know I often talk about the capabilities of cameras that you can have and consider. I am still sad that Giroptic closed their doors. The sideways picture shared today is of my face, taken with a FLIR iPhone camera. The FLIR camera is an infrared device that shows a “heat map” of a surface. Any surface in fact. I choose my face because humans don’t always have evenly heated skin, as you can see from my face.

The future is very interesting to me, always.

What you can do with your cellular phone in your pocket, is amazing.

Anyone can join the photo challenge, just take a picture (this one is from yesterday) that is less than seven days old. Share that picture! See if you can beat my streak of 99 days without a thumb picture (sadly I had a thumb picture for day 100).


What do you think?


Written by DocAndersen

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