365 day photo challenge day 10

I have been working on cleaning out my home office of technology I no longer use for more than a year now. Often when the items are still working, I take many pictures of them and post them on eBay to sell. I don’t recover a lot of the original cost, but when you factor in the financial equation of value from use, I often break even.

So a lot of the pictures I take each week are the items I have in my eBay store.

Most of the year I end up taking many more event pictures than eBay pictures but to stay in the “last seven days” rule of the challenge, I have to include eBay item pictures.

Anyone can join the challenge, post pictures taken in the last seven days.

Post pictures for the next year (265 days) and of course, by definition the pictures taken at the end of the challenge should only be seven days only when posted).

Note, there are other rules posted, and you are supposed to nominate people as well. I am loathe to nominate anymore folks, because of my personal bias against that. But it is a great challenge join in!

Can anyone guess what the item in the picture is? Tell me in the comments!


What do you think?

Written by DocAndersen

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