365 Day Challenge_Decembers Last Light

December is in full swing in Texas. The last bits of autumn flame are beginning to fade. Reds and golds flicker on street corners and catch the wind like violent ghosts rising and falling.

I find myself looking for that last bit of color from a gray pallet. This evening as the sun fought for its final place in the sky, I wanted to capture something almost iconic. The simplicity of a group of reeds against a blurred out sun was the perfect shot to start my 365 day challenge.

The wonderful thing about this challenge is to create a habit of photographing everyday. I plan on adding a poem as well-no promises on the poem but here is my first photo of 365.

My friend, harping by a pixie forwarded me the challenge. We have had great conversations and sharing of ideas and I know we will have more in the future. She has made blogging on this platform even more rewarding than it already was and for that I thank her.

This is her post for the challenge. 365-photos-challenge-4. Check it out.

December 6, I watched the pale sun
excuse itself
amidst the chatter of ducks at the edge of water
Lake Ray Hubbard, blue and pale
Amidst tall reeds
the wind paid me little mind
for just a day
the weather decided
it might be kind
and I watched the sun go down
knowing the moon would be lost
In a swirl of gray clouds
I was silent, calm,
and peace was the only sound…


What do you think?


Written by stevelinebaugh

Oil painter and pastel artist, writer, photographer, graphic designer,
originally from New Jersey

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  1. Wow! A poem, a story and a photo – all in one! I like this color – that last bit of the sun’s light trying to fight the night cover. And hey, thank you very much for the kind words. The discussion about change and utopia was surely a good one that I enjoyed. Let us hope we can do that again in the future. Maybe next year eh? Let us start some sort of challenge in that line. Hahaha!

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