365 Day Challenge Day 98

I have to say, with four dogs the personality of each of them comes out. Tamsyn is unique. She isn’t as social or as food-centric as the Labs are (or the Lab mix serenity). She is, however, like her owner (my daughter) small but mighty. She demands attention when she wants it and is quite comfortable taking charge of the couch! Tamsyn is a dog that will choose cheese over anything except for grilled foods.

One evening, I had wandered down to the grill to make dinner. When I came back in, I had a plate of meat. For the first time (she had only lived with us for 2-3 months at that point) Tamsyn begged. She loves grilled food more than anything.

Unlike the Labs, Tamsyn will not eat vegetables. Unless you put them on the grill. My daughter says she will even eat veggies that touch a grill that isn’t even on.

98 days thumb picture free!

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Written by DocAndersen

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