365 Day Challenge Day 107

I realized the other day, I have talked about, shared pictures from my Bloomsky Weather station, but I don’t recall at least not in the Photo Challenge, sharing pictures of my weather station. It sits just outside our kitchen on our back deck. It is a carefully positioned strong enough wi-fi signal and enough sunlight to keep the solar panel happy solution.  I have had a weather station at my house for more than 15 years now. Up until the Bloomsky crowdfunding campaign I was always using Oregon Scientific weather stations.

Bloomsky is what we often call an Edge Device. In that, it operates, processes and manages the information it has, at the same time interacting with a remote source. The remote compute source builds the time-lapse images.

I have now in my new streak reached seven days of thumb free pictures!

Anyone can join the photo challenge. It will change the way you approach each day, as you think now, first, what picture can I take to share!


What do you think?


Written by DocAndersen

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