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#179 Of The 365 Day Photo Challenge: Roger's Abstract Art

This is #179 of the 365 day photo challenge. Anyone can join, just share a photo for 365 days.

I have been trying to help Roger develop a hobby. He has a garden now, but still has been seeming restless. One day I invited him over, and we painted what we call abstract art. I will post mine later if you promise to think it is too aweful lol. Be serious about if our drawings are considered abstract or not. Thank you in advance!

I think he did great considering he has bad eyesight.


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Written by LaJenna


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  1. if there isn’t recognizable subject matter, I’d call it abstract but that isn’t my AOE. I really only know representational art, and only the good schools. fauvists aren’t representational so much as talentless…

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