World’s Very 1st Transgender Woman Ready To Breastfeed: A Wonder In Medical Science

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It is tale like fact that in New York city of USA ,a bunch of wise Doctors & Physicians  looks created history in International Medical Science who could able a Woman Transgender to Breast feed her baby. An International Medical Journal claimed and revealed after a successful Medical Science Research and study that a Woman Transgender (Identity hid to save and regard the life of this Transgender)now is able to shower Milk for  new born Baby.

The wonder did start with it’s course of glory when a woman Transgender did approach New York based Doctors to make her Medically and Biologically fit to Breastfeed her Pregnant  Partner’s Baby. This Motherly sensitive approach  led  a Fruitful treatment and Doctors turned ready with putting her on a REGIMEN (Medications for the promotion or restoration of health)of  Drugs which included an anti-Nausias treatment  and medications that resulted a wonderful positive outcome.

According to the fact findings of the said Medical Journal ,it is unveiled that the 30 year old who was born male who resulting droplets of Milk. Just before 15days of Due Date, she even could able to increase her production from Drops to as much as 256ml Milk a Day.

Incredible Medical Science and Treatment done by these Godly Doctors in New York city of United States of America(USA). This wonder of Modern Day’s Medical Science and treatment  did spread as if a jungle fire from the “ CENTER FOR TRANSGENDER MEDICINE AND SURGERY” across the Globe. Many believe it dangerous but more than many also termed it as wonder of medical Science from the Land of(USA) Wise Doctors.

In this regard the Editors of this said medical Journal Urged, “We believe that this is the first formal report in the Medical Literature of included Lactation in a Transgender woman”.

The said Medical Research is still to be officially Documented and once after some systematic and Medical step up in a wider way which is expected to be done  soon in future course of time.

If this can happen, then it must absolutely a new Discovery in the International medical Science and the said REGIMEN can also able to open the Next door of Hope and prosperity for Transgender Women across the world. By which all these unfortunate Transgender can able to convert their Day-Dream to have their Babies in their own arms to feed from their own Breasts.

I would also like to congratulate each and every American Citizen as it is the Proudest Moment for all of them Being an American.


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Written by Anjan Kumar Samal

National Secretary-THE LAST HOPE(REGD.)

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