Why is it Important to Choose your Wedding Venue First?

Wow, congratulations on your engagement! Have you started planning the wedding? Not yet? Well, you need to start ASAP. You need to set a date first and book the venue. This is the first step to a dream wedding! Why, you ask?! If, you do not get the right wedding venue, then you run the chance of having a common wedding, not the wedding you had dreamed about.

You also need to concentrate on affordable wedding venues! After all, you do have a budget to follow. Then you can focus on dress, catering, cake, floral arrangements, music and seating arrangement. But, first things first, you need to find a venue that fits your wedding dreams perfectly.

Why should you Book the Wedding Venue First?

Wedding day is one of the most special days in your life! So, you would not want anything or anybody to ruin it. To ensure this, you need to start at the beginning and plan a memorable wedding. For that you will need your dream venue. If, you do not find that, your wedding might not be everything you had planned for. Here are 4 reasons that will help you understand the importance of finding and booking your dream venue immediately :

1. Unique Touch to the Wedding :

Just like the décor of your home, the wedding venue that you choose is a direct pointer towards your personality. So, you would want to concentrate on a venue that highlights your personality! If, you want to add a personal touch, you will need to start looking, because many venues do not allow customization! You need to find a venue that will give your creativity wings! Do you really think that booking any venue will give this edge? Most probably not! Even if, you do get it, then you are extremely lucky! Do not leave it to luck. Book a wedding venue that is willing to work on your ideas to create your dream wedding!

2. Sticking to the Budget : 

Wedding venue is perhaps the most expensive affair in a wedding! So, leaving the booking till the last minute might mean that the venues within your budget have been booked. So, you will never be able to stay within budget! But, if you do book the venue as soon as the date is fixed, you will have more venue options within your budget!

3. Dream Theme & Wedding Atmosphere: 

You might have thought of a theme and the venue is in the middle of it all! You could either select the venue and then set the theme or set the theme and move on to selecting the venue. If, you book the venue well in advance, you have either choice to follow. In case you wait too long, then you run a chance of losing the second choice. You will have to decide on the theme after the venue has been booked. This could mean that you do not get to set a theme that had dreamed about!

4. Entertainment & Food Arrangements:

Many venues have regulations that you will need to follow, while making arrangements for entertainment, food and drinks. If, you start looking for venues immediately, you will have the choice to find a venue that is free of such regulations, or, fits your choice of arrangements!

Hopefully, you have understood the need for booking the wedding venue as soon as the wedding date is set! So, what are you waiting for?! Start planning immediately! Time flies, you have to plan fast to match its speed, otherwise you will lose the chance of planning the perfect down south weddings. Wishing you all the best for your venue “shopping”! Hope you find the ideal venue to hold your dream wedding!


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Written by Lauren Williamson

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