What do family gatherings/celebrations mean to you?

We had an early Mother’s Day celebration over at our grandmother’s house this weekend. It was a potluck dinner and everyone brought some food.

I dislike huge gathering but well, I had no choice but to attend, and it turned out that it didn’t disappoint me at all, not that it’s good this way.

There are quarrels and arguments between my uncles and aunties over trivia things like the food brought. It was miscommunication turned bad with name calling and mocking.

My uncle left early and angry, my father came back angry too…

That got me thinking, why do we have family gatherings? Isn’t that suppose to be something to bring people closer? Why does our gathering always end up a competition?

Who brings better food? Who cooks more? Who did lesser work? Who is the “host”? Are these even important?

I can’t help but think, if you aren’t sincere about the event or the person’s (say birthday) then there is no need to hold a huge celebration to “show” you care. If you really care, you can instead, bring her out/have your own celebration with her.

What do you think?

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    • I’d like to think so…
      but for a family as traditional as mine, a junior doesn’t have ANY rights to question or correct a senior …
      It’s a HUGE insult to the senior to be “corrected” by a junior… especially those without their own family

      SO, we’re usually very careful with such traditional seniors…

      But oh well, still we need to give them time … hopefully everything will work out

  1. Well, I have been in your situation, and it is not easy. Just be thankful your dysfunctional family is still around to argue with. I have this type of family, but some days are getting better, but still day that aren’t. I love my dysfunctional family lol. Just kill them with kindness, it does help lol

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