The Wall ~ 365 Photos Challenge #16

Today, the sixteenth day of this challenge, my schedule was so tight all day. I arrived home quite late. When I started writing this, the time on the laptop shows the number 11:12 PM. Today’s photo just shows my niece, Luna, the youngest daughter of my little sister, was photographing a wall listing the heroes buried at Kalibata National Heroes Cemetery, Jakarta. My father’s name is fifth from the top on the top left marble. From some photos,  only this picture that I can show because of other photos just more about our big family. Because today, December 8, thirty years ago, our father was passed away, and that’s why we visited his grave.


The visit was a regular visit we do every few months, especially on dates like this and the day before Christmas. There was only one interesting thing on this visit when my nephew,  the youngest son of my youngest sister, Thiery, twelve years asked, “Pak De, after Yang Kung died, where did Eyang go, where is Eyang now?”. Pak De, is short for Bapak + Gede = Father + Big or Great Uncle which means I am the older brother of his mother. Eyang Kung = Eyang + Kakung = parent of parent  + male = Grandfather. Unfortunately, we could not discuss for long because I had to go back to the office.

Recalling with my nephew’s question, let me write a quote from Rumi:

“Death has nothing to do with going away.

The sun sets.

The moon sets.

But they are not gone.

Anyone can join in on this fun photo challenge which was started by John artbytes26 . Just please be sure to check out Art’s rules and guidelines for the challenge in this post 365 Photos Challenge.


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  1. I love Rumi’s poem “When I Die” – it has the same thought. Your language and our dialect (in the countryside) have similarities that when we were in Indonesia, we talk in our dialect. Tourists we bumped into normally cannot place what country we came from. Lol!


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