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Virily Just Set A New Feature On How To Compliment Fellow Bloggers And It’s Fun!

Just today August 16, 2017, Virily has set a new feature on how to compliment co-bloggers for their posts. This time, Virily writers will be happier reading those compliments being voted for their works.

How to do it?

1. Go to the profile of a writer you want to sendย  compliment.

2. Look below his/her profile picture. Tap “Send Compliment”.

3. Select from 12 compliments you would like to vote.ย You can send an attached message too.

Here are the 12 compliments:

1. Good writer!

2. Great quizzes!

3. Creative!

4. Well done!

5. Good job!

6. Excellent!

7. Great lists!

8. Funny!

9. Thumbs up!

10. You rock!

11. You inspire me!

12. Awesome!

This is one of the coolest features launched by Virily aside from badges. Now there’s a reason why we should get our posts much viable to viewers since this time we can receive good compliments from other co-bloggers. I can’t wait to see what’s mine in the long run. Hope you too will enjoy seeing your compliments in the near future.

Carpe diem!

A New Feature From Virily For Complimenting Co-Bloggers


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