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Valentine’s Day Is Not for Teens Too

February 14 is a momentous and special occasion for the lovers and it’s usually observed by the youngsters. What about us who are already in our 60s?

My wife and I are already 66 years. We want to celebrate it, recollecting our happiest moment when we’re yet lovers 48 years ago.

This month of February when we had our first day somewhere along the seashore after we skipped from our afternoon classes in high school. I stole a kiss from her in which had me a sleepless night.

And finally the turn of events became too controversial. The moment had come that we’re no longer friends but lovers. And in 1972, we got married after settling our unique personal problem about our birthday.

What a coincidence! We have a synchronous birthdays. Synchronous in the sense that we have the same birth month, the same birth date, and the same year: October 13, 1951. Thus, from birth certificate to marriage certificate, we finally resorted to.

This February 14, we want to celebrate by joining young lovers. Is it not awkward for us for we are already senior citizens?

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