Tonight is the Epiphany

The night between January 18th and 19th is the time when the sky opens and “God appears”. According to belief, Epiphany is happening in the “deaf age”. For a moment, the sky will dissolve, and winds blowing in the winter with those who blow into the summer,  will cross. At that moment, the people say, all the waters of the world will cease to flow, and the one who sees in the open and sees it, will be able to ask God for the fulfillment of one desire.

That’s why everybody should try to stay awake until midnight, open the window and look through it. The desire that he wants at that time, our old people believe, will certainly come true.

When he was 30 years old, Jesus Christ called on John the Baptist to baptize him in the Jordan River. Immediately after baptism, the heavens opened, and the voice of the Father of God announced that Jesus was his son, and then on the shoulder of Jesus, the Holy Spirit came in the shape of a pigeon. By this baptism, Jesus marked the beginning of his mission and preaching.

In some parts of Serbia, it is believed that unmarried girls, if this night put mirrors under the pillow, dream of the man they will marry.

These customs have all endured a multi-time test of time, and have remained unchanged to this day. Therefore, tonight, at midnight, open the window and imagine the desire … let it be clear and unambiguous, and by God’s will.


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