The Pros and Cons of A Golf Club Wedding

We all know that brides and grooms have a ton on their plate when planning their weddings. There’s the date, the theme, the venue, the food, and about ten trillion other things! Let’s spend a little time here discussing some of the pros and cons of one type of event in particular: a country club wedding. We will go through a few main wedding must-haves, and by the end, you’ll be able to determine whether having Your Big Day at a golf club or country club is the right choice for you!

Venue Space and Capacity

Pros: A benefit of having your event at a golf club is that generally there are a lot of options for staging your wedding, especially if you plan on being outdoors. Many country clubs have multiple rooms you can select from depending on the size of your party, and you might want to move to different locations for the ceremony, the reception, etc.

Cons: If your party is under 20 or over 250, it might not be appropriate, size-wise. Check out the club in-person with a guest count in mind to envision your party in the available spaces.

Food and Drinks, All Things Catering

Pros: Another pro for country clubs is the ability to customize food and beverage options when it comes to the size of your wedding festivities. Most clubs offer their regular menus, as well as large-scale catering options. The Piqua Country Club wedding venue, for example, prides itself on staying flexible to ensure your big day is how you envisioned it.

Cons: Some clubs either require you to serve the food they prepare on-site, or they charge you exorbitant fees for bringing in food from outside vendors. Be sure to do a Taste Test prior to placing deposits, or else be aware of any charges you might accrue if you have outside catering.

Photography Options

Pros: There are so many pretty vista options on the sprawling grounds of a golf course, so get ready for some beautiful outdoor shots. Be sure to get the camera snapping at dusk for that lovely “golden hour” light.

Cons: You could get stuck with the club photographer. However, these days it’s usually ok to be your own photographer. Just make sure they have experience shooting in both indoor and outdoor lighting.

Your Theme and Unique Touches

Pros: It is a given that you are going to want to personalize your wedding, and most country clubs are only too happy to help you with the process. Many have Event Coordinators on staff that are armed with suggestions and vendors you can use to make your day even more magical.

Cons: It depends on the venue of course, but some country clubs on golf courses simply have a vibe already, and no amount of decorations is going to overcome that fact. Unless you rent out the entire club and course (which can be expensive and/or unavailable), there will be other patrons, golfers and diners in the same vicinity contributing to the overall “club” feel.

For many people, the venue is a gut feeling situation. So the best way to know for sure, now that you’ve got some facts, is to visit the club of your choice together and spend some time imagining yourselves getting married there. Congratulations!


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