The Perfect Brew

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I love Halloween, and now that summer is officially over, I can look forward to the fall more than ever.  I think it’s time to get my broom out.  I need to sweep away all simpletons, and embrace all the pumpkin spice lattes I crave.

I was miserable all summer, and I was eager to put it all behind me.  I hate mosquitos.  I hate ants.  I hate flies.  Finally, I can breathe the air without all of the heaviness that the summer heat brings.

I can look forward to colder nights, and wearing socks to bed.  I can look forward to planning ahead, my weekends, before, and right after Halloween.  I don’t know what costume to wear, but I have a pretty good idea of what candy I love.  I can either focus on gathering said candy, or simply buy it at the best price, and get ready to give it all away.

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As a kid, I had mixed feelings about Halloween.  I would easily get scared, and when people would try to cheer me up, I would simply turn away.

I don’t know how I got over it, but eventually I did.

Running around in my cousins’ suburban neighborhood was the best.  We would always get the most, and the best candy around.  The smell of all those candies, even in their wrappers, was the best part of holding the plastic pumpkin that I enjoyed.

I knew that trick-or-treating in the ghetto, where I lived wouldn’t get me much candy.  Plus, I knew it wouldn’t be safe.  Back in the ’80’s, you could run around, outside, at night, and not worry.  (At least if you lived in the suburbs.)

All the anticipation of eating all the candy in the weeks to come was the best for me.  It was what I looked forward to all year, since Christmas seemed so far a way still.

As a kid, Halloween was where it was at.  The only thing better, was opening up Christmas presents.  In a way, Halloween was all about candy presents.

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I was much too young to understand, that as an adult, my favorite holiday would be New Year’s Eve.  This holiday is for adults.  They are the ones who are aware of the passage of time.

When you are a kid, time is the slowest thing on Earth.  The only thing that you understand is now.  That’s it.  Nothing else exists.  There is no future, and there is no, “remember when”, either.   There is no past.  You have no past.  You are much to young to reminisce.   The only thing that matters is now.

Halloween is the perfect brew for me.  Anyone who doesn’t like Halloween, can go brew themselves.


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Written by Maria Ayala

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