The 1st Day of Summer 2018

Thursday, June 21, 2018, first day of Summer 2018

According to this video, this year’s summer solstice is all about balance, which will allow people be more productive, achieve goals faster, and enjoy one’s journey in the process.

  1. People will be able to focus more so they can continue to move forward easily.
  2. Whatever you really want to do, just do it!
  3. Accomplish your dreams and goals faster than ever. You will move upward. Just go with the flow. (real life changes)
  4. “New and Wild are becoming more normal,” which I think might be the new age shit and new world order agenda are slowly being incorporated into society as a part of life. I think it won’t be shocking because everyone is aware of many things via the internet.
  5. Get grounded and meditate. I need to go to the gym and do yoga workout again.


What do you think?