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Table decoration ideas for the evening of love – St Valentine's day

For your romantic evening, I offer 8 colorful ideas – to make Valentine’s Day not only red. Maybe the red color already is bothering you, or maybe not everyone likes it. In addition, other colorful products can surprise with great accents, for example, in the white background – a chocolate fondue with strawberries.

WHITE – uplifting, pure and holy. It’s like a white mist, like a white swan dance, like a white paper for your new love story. White plates and candles, white tulips or lilies decorate the interior. In the twilight, the shapes of things are playing nicely.

VIOLET – mysterious, restrained, promising. This color creates an impression of luxury, surprise. To create a romantic, cozy atmosphere, choose purple decorative elements.

COLORFUL – youthful, playful, vibrant. The Provence style will fit to create such a mood of love as it is modest but sweet, romantic.

PINK – fresh, feminine, soft. By choosing the right tint, you can create an atmosphere of love, warmth, and care. Do not overload this color – you do not want your beloved to be in the house of Barbe.

GREEN – fresh, energy, tranquility. Your love affair is as fresh as the green apple that needs to mature? Organize a green feast – with green olives, green stones, green pistachios. Perhaps even the wine will be without alcohol for that occasion.

NATURAL – organic, clean, aesthetic. The table decor created from natural elements will look original. This concept will appeal to those couples who hate kitsch (true kitsch, not art) and shiny, cheap decorations. Minimalism on the outside, maximalism in the heart.

BLACK – mysterious, strong, deep. Do not be afraid of this color – with the black accents in the interior of pastel colors you will create a luxury effect. Black cups, candlesticks, black velvet cushions. Just imagine how a bouquet of red roses or tulips will look like in the black background.

RED – passion, rigor, energy. Everything around you burns, promises, lures, and encourages only one thing – to give in. Red flowers, crystals, red napkins and red patch silk. An inspiration for decisive action.


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