I finally reached Supernova status here on Virily. As soon as I hit 10,000 virils, my status changed immediately from Spacedragon to Supernova. Yes I may be bragging a little, but it was a small moment of excitement for me. Who wouldn’t want to be a Supernova?

I am wondering though, what is the next level after Supernova? Is there a next level? Maybe at 100,000 virils?

Everyone in the top 50 ranks is Supernova, including those at the top like oscarps. I can’t think of a term or word that is greater and more special than SUPERNOVA. I guess I will just have to get to 100,000 virils to see if there is a new rank.

I don’t think this will be too hard to accomplish. I post nearly every day. I am having fun with creating quizzes, and now polls which is the newest interactive feature on Virily. Virily just keeps growing and getting better every day. I don’t see myself getting bored or losing interest any time soon.


What do you think?

Written by riverwild