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Sunday is a double palindrome!

Sunday the 2nd of February 2020 is a very special day. It doesn’t matter if you are British or American, but if you write the date as a set of numbers it will read the same backwards as well as forwards:


The date format in the UK, when writing in number form, is day, month, year, whereas in the US it is month, day, year. My personal opinion is that the British version is more logical, because the time intervals are getting progressively longer, but that is another matter!

My own date of birth, for example, is 11.08.1952 – I was born in August but an American would think I turned up in November. I don’t know what they do in our countries – perhaps somebody can enlighten us?

However, if the numbers for day and month are the same, there is no problem. When it comes to palindrome dates, that means that certain dates will work as palindromes wherever you are.

So when will the next one be? I originally thought it must be 03.03.3030, but I reckon that 12.12.2121 must be it – unless you know otherwise!

And when was the last one? Was it 11.11.1111?


What do you think?


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  1. This is all very interesting. I know all those years I lived in Latvia it took me a while to write the date the right way and then when I returned to the states it was confusion again. Anyway, I understand tomorrow the date is something special so I am putting in as many writing bids as I can perhaps this will be my time to shine. I sure hope so.

  2. i would caution you against sharing your actual birthday. it is one of two pieces of information a hacker needs to well, become you.

    On the numbers side, very cool. I had heard this but until your post hadn’t really recognized it!

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