Sundance Fever

It’s that time of year when the relativity small ski town of Park City, Utah becomes little Hollywood. Some even say the stars comes out. For many who live in  the area it is an interesting nuisance. Yes, it certainly helps the economy, but don’t even think or trying to get to the grocery store to make a purchase. You may as well drive to Wyoming. It would be faster.

Here’s a little clip from last  year.

Some of us get a little more involved than others. A few years ago I agreed to be a part of a panel. It was interesting and I wondered why I had been invited. I have been raised that  new opportunities should be embraced, so I said yes.  The panel I was involved with was not until the 3rd day of Sundance.  That was probably a mistake.

The first day of Sundance the Native Americans did a flash mob of the round dance which welcomes everyone. I thought it was fabulous. The police thought otherwise.  I fully participated and paid the ticket.

The next day I had to go to Walmart to pick up medication. Brad Pitt was in the same line as I was, a few people back. He was working his way through cue and got to me. “Excuse me, but I am in hurry.”

“You should have planned better.”

“Do you know who I am?”

“Yes, and I don’t really care. You’ll have to wait your turn, even if your name is Brad Pitt.”

I turned my back to him and he waited.


You see, I didn’t grow up in Utah. I grew up in Montana. There we respect all people, unless they are disrespectful to us. We don’t let people walk all over us either.


So the third day I went to prepare for the panel. When I arrived they said “We need more black people in the audience.” I said “Well, you can go down to Salt Lake and maybe find some people.”

“Well, what about up here?

I said “Brown would be the closest you could find.”

He called me a racist.

I said “Wrong word, I am a realist.”

I then went and took my seat on the panel.

Morgan Freeman came and sat next to me in his assigned seat and asked “Do I know you?”

I replied, “No Mr. Freeman, you should though, I am a very interesting person.”

He laughed, asked my name and kindly shook my hand.

It was a lively panel and there were some very strong opinions. It was interesting. I stood my ground.

As I was leaving Mr. Freeman said “Trenna, you are a very interesting person and you earned my respect.”

I smiled and said “I give respect freely, because my Mom told me  God doesn’t make junk. It’s been a pleasure.”

It’s about time for Sundance again. I received a request to be on a panel. I have not yet decided if I will participate in the panel. I will be viewing movies and writing though.


What do you think?


Written by Ghostwriter

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