Start of Something New… Happy New Year

Happy New Year Virily!

Another year has gone and a new one is here. It is time for a fresh start. Bur before that I want to give thanks to all the wonderful blessings that I have received in 2017.

I can’t mention them all of course so I will write here only the best ones.

1. First and foremost, we have an additional member of our family Isaiah Mari. Who was Christined the other day (December 30),

 2. I have renewed my Prayer Time –  I am a Catholic. I had been a member of Catholic community. However, the past few years, I hardly go to Church to hear mass. But lately, it has been part of my morning routine to open the Bible App on my tablet and read the word for the day. You may have noticed, I had been sharing those words here from time to time.

Praying makes me more grateful. Part of my prayer is to list down the things that I am grateful for the past day.

3. I have a part-time teaching job. I had been working as a freelancer for over a year now. My income wasn’t steady. Some months,  I got some jobs, some months none. So I accepted the part-time teaching job for the senior high. The salary per hour is good but I only have 8 hours per week schedule. Nevertheless, I enjoy teaching.

4. I joined several sites and forums where I could earn. – Though  I haven’t received my first earning yet, but I have reached the minimum earning to withdraw here in Virily, this month. Hopefully I would receive it on my Paypal this week. Anyways, aside from Virily, I had received payments from- now defunct,- Niume. I have also joined some forums. I think I can withdraw from one already.

5. New Online Friends – and reconnected with some old friends from other sites. I don’t want to miss out anybody, but you know who you are. You were constantly commenting on my posts. Sometimes  having conversation on the comment section.

6. Licensed Financial Adviser – I have earned my license as a Financial Adviser through Insular life. Yes, it’s an insurance company but I opted to be a Financial Adviser so I could share to others how to manage their finances properly. If you are Filipino and want to know how, message me. Let’s talk. Promise, I won’t sell you anything.

8. Re-started some online Gigs and Services – I have been a member of Fiverr for a long time. I have earned a few bucks from the site before. I decided to revive my account and plan to add some more gigs.

7.  Lots of Lessons Learned –   I had my share of failures in 2017. But in those failures, comes lots of lessons. Lessons that would help prepare to have a better 2018.

That being said…



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