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Saturday, 11.18.17

Friday morning was the first time it rained this autumn. I woke up early in the morning, at 7 am to be exact to take out the morning trash, and when the garage door glided upward, I noticed wet ground outside. It appeared to be sprinkling soft and light rain, which looked peaceful and fresh. But it dried up a couple hours later, and by 5 pm, I drove to Woodbridge for walking meetup.

On Saturday morning, I decided to act like my cat. I slept a lot, but still got up to eat my meals. I woke up early to feed Gumby, and I ate a pizza. After I ate it, I realized that I shouldn’t have cooked it in the microwave. It would have turned out better in the oven. Anyway, I went back to bed and took a nap until noon. Then, I got up and ate my lunch, before working on my graphic novel. Then, I got ready for an artist reception at a local art gallery.

Between 5 pm and 7 pm, I decided to do two videos at the art gallery. The artwork was interesting, which including a variety of styles, from photography to paintings to abstract art. I also noticed all the holiday decorations at the malls, which included monochromatic yellow lights as well as holiday props. One of my favorite activities during the holidays includes driving around and checking out the holiday lights and decorations. It puts me in a festive and happy mood just to see many streets and homes come alive with colors, lights, and fun props.

Another festive activity is eating assorted nuts. I like to use polycarbonate plastic cocktail glasses for snacks, desserts, drinks and other food.

This weekend, I felt like my cat, in which I mostly slept a lot, ate my meals, and explored different areas at different activities.


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