Seven Essential Wedding Photography Poses To Try

Both the bride and the groom have their hands full during their wedding. The auspicious occasion holds great importance in everyone’s life and accumulates memories for a lifetime. Nothing but a bunch of beautifully clicked wedding photographs are enough to keep the beautiful moments etched in the couple’s memory. Pictures can bring back the thrill and joy of the moment many years later to the couple and their kith or kin and thus its always worth hiring the best photographer! So, planning the photoshoot and hiring the best wedding photographers in Delhi has now become an integral part of weddings. Here are a bunch of unique poses that you can try during your wedding photo shoots that can make the occasion more special and can even bring the bonding alive in frames for years ahead.

1. The passionate

The trick to capturing this posture in the best of the frames is to hold aloft your bride high up as possible and embrace tight around the hips while the legs of the bride should be folded back horizontal to the ground. This pose does make hearts go throbbing years later and does convey the love and the bonding between the two. It is one of the best poses in candid wedding photography.

2. The Fairy-tale Hand Kiss


The man holds aloft the bride’s hand gently towards his shoulder while landing a gentle kiss on the back of her hand giving the impression of love in solitude. The bride can just sport a sweet smile with her back turned slightly towards the camera while her focus is on her man. The shot can come out even more beautiful if the surrounding is near a sea or a breezy place that can impart a majestic ambience to the photos. Your wedding photographer in Delhi is most likely to be aware of such locations.

3. Chase Down The Lane

This is another one of the modern day epic photography ideas. The best wedding photographers in Delhi make it livelier. Here the bride and the groom in their wedding attire take a slight gleeful jump sporting their best smiles. They will be running hand in hand going away from the camera looking back at it..This depicts a playful beginning to a marriage with a degree of freedom to the scene. A cobbled street can add more fantasy to the frame.

4. Swing in the Arms

A wedding be it anywhere in the world is incomplete without a bit of fun and frolic. So what better mode is there to portray the joy than a dance between the people who matter the most on the occasion? And surely it can be a beautiful wedding Photo shoot as the couple dance on their special day with the hearts full of freedom and joy. A swish and a swivel in the arms of the groom through a photographer’s lens can provide life to this joyous occasion. Try to capture the moment in a candid way with the couple caught in motion.

5. Kiss While You Lean


As a great expression of his love the groom leans towards the bride as she slightly leans back with their arms around each other. The couple standing on a platform or a staircase can provide an urbane wedding photography drama. The setting becomes even more dramatic in the wedding costumes with a bouquet of flowers in the hand of the bride adding that zing to the scene. This is a modern method of capturing the joyous moment of the occasion and the fervent atmosphere would be reflected through this pose surely.

6. Love in the Alley


Another urban wedding photography pose that has caught the eye of many lately is the romance in the alley. It’s a casual pose for the bride and the groom. Posing in a super cool alley amidst archaic structures or buildings will provide a great background. The shot livens up even more when taken in the hue of dusk with a halo of the fading sun lighting up the horizon. An expert wedding photographer in Delhi will guide you to pull off the pose with ease.

7. Peek-a-boo



A flirtatious and playful moment to capture for time eternal is this pose. This can make the hearts go racing years down the lane and can ignite the mischief in the couple altogether caught in the beautiful candid wedding photography. A trendy way to make the frame look more candid is to have the bride peek from behind the shoulder of the groom in full bridal attire.


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Written by Vincent Jones

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