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Scary Movies I Want to Watch This Halloween

It’s almost Halloween night! It’s fright night! So for this Halloween, I am going to watch some good old scary movies!

Here are five of the movies I am planning to watch on or even before Halloween night. They are in no particular order.

#1 A Nightmare on Elm Street

Last but not least, my all-time favorite Wes Craven's A Nightmare on Elm Street. Yes, one of the best horror movies that I have seen. I particularly love the original movie. 

Robert Englund was awesome in bringing (back) to life the demented youth-hater.

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#2 Lake Placid

I haven't seen this movie yet. It's a nature-turn-monster movie type. Obviously, the monster here is a crocodile.

From what I read, the monster crocodile was not from Lake Placid. It came from somewhere else and looking for a new home... and dinner.

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#3 Halloween

One of the slashing-serial-killers-who-wouldn't-die movie that was popular in the 1980's and 1990's.

I have only watched the first 20 minutes of this movie. I think I will watch this later.

This is my movie list for Halloween.  Do you love horror movies? What movie do you want to watch?

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#4 Friday th 13th

Another movie franchise that was popular back in the 1980's and 1990's. They drowned him, burned him and he just keeps on coming back.I remember only bits and pieces of one or two of the installments of this franchise. I don't know how this started and how Jason came back to life.

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#5 Mirrors

A night watchman (Kieffer Sutherland) is assigned to guard a burned theater. But the building holds a dark secret. Souls of the damned are trapped in the mirrors of the building that haunts whoever looks at them.

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