Putin arrives in Serbia

Russian President Vladimir Putin is visiting Serbia today. It is expected that his plane will fly on the Belgrade airport around noon, where Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic will meet him.

A festive welcome will be in front of the Palace of Serbia. He will have a meeting with Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic, as well as with members of the Government, and a visit to the Temple of St. Sava, where a large number of citizens are expected to gather.

On the parking lot near the VIP terminal of the Belgrade airport “Nikola Tesla”, a limousine has already been parked, which will be used by Russian President Vladimir Putin in Belgrade. It is a special armored vehicle, considered the best in the world, resistant to air attacks, poison gas, and adapted to hold under water.

With the representatives of the Serbian government during the visit to Putin, 26 agreements and a memorandum of understanding will be signed, of which even a third will be from the field of innovation and digitization, and the most attention is paid to those concerned with the research of space and nuclear energy.

Belgrade is decorated with Serbian and Russian flags, as well as welcome billboards.


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    • Wahhabi, Arban Alibashic (21) , was arrested in a small town in Serbia, Novi Pazar, where weapons were found, chemicals for making bombs, and the ISIS flag! He is suspected of preparing a terrorist attack during Putin’s visit. He found a rifle with an optical sight. Immediately after that, police and BIA police searched his apartment, finding the entire arsenal of weapons and equipment necessary for making an explosive device: from chemicals for making explosives, to watches that can be used to remotely activate the bomb. There were also special telephones, wires and a device for a remote detonator. Also, additional equipment, or scissors for making bombs at home, were also discovered. Alibashic also kept the flag of the so-called Islamic state, as well as the propaganda material, leaflets and literature of the terrorist organization.
      This is the information that was published. For some other attempt at assassination, we are not familiar.

      • Prevented an attack on Putin? No surprise. Forgive the remarks of an ignorant American but I can’t imagine really being happy to see Putin. I suspect he’s one of those leaders that once he dies, all the evil he’s done under the sun will be revealed. But nobody will dare say anything while he’s alive. Of course, that’s just my perception from a distance. I could be wrong.

        • Everyone who is guilty of a crime should be punished. This also applies to Putin. Is that the same with ex-President Clinton, Madeline Albright, the entire NATO alliance in the event of a bombing of Serbia, a member of the UN, which defended its territory from Kosovo from the attack of Albanian terrorists.
          In 78 days, 4000 citizens of Serbia have been killed, infrastructure, houses, factories have been destroyed .. When we will receive compensation for this crime. When one of the world powers will be responsible for the killing of innocent people, for uranium bombs … The mortality of our people from the cancer has increased multiple times. Today, in this way, the Serbs are killed. How many of these examples are we all around the world .. The destruction of states and nations under the mask of democracy ..Before Putin, many world powers should stand in line for punishment.

          • AMEN! You get no argument from me. Just because a person says one person is possibly guilty of wrongdoing, doesn’t mean that they are saying there are no other guilty parties as well. I’m just saying that most often nobody brings the guilty party to justice in their lifetime. Their sins and crimes just get revealed after the guilty person is dead! The history of mankind is full of mankind committing atrocities against mankind. The history is there even if there is no written record or documentation or “indisputable proof” presented to the living OR an acknowledgment that the events ever even occurred.

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