Partied on My Birthday

Thursday, August 19, 2021

Last night, I was browsing the internet for something to do on my birthday. I found a fashion event at the mall at 10 pm, and I sent them an email to RSVP to the local event.

Today, I turned 57, my new year on earth. I drove to South Coast Plaza at 2 pm to walk around in the mall, take some fashion snapshots, and browse until 5 pm. I dropped by at Bloomies and had a cup of Nepresso coffee, in which I sipped my coffee while walking in the mall. I noticed most of the stores had Fall 2021 fashions and Back-to-School promotions in their window displays.

At 4pm, I walked across the bridge to the other side of the mall, where the Hammitt purse store is located. Dragon Kim Foundation was created by Mr. and Mrs. Kim in the name of their 14-year-old son who had accidentally died during a trip at Yosemite. He was also born under the Year of the Dragon. The foundation mentors a group of chosen teenagers in an artistic/entrepreneurial program. It is about recycling old purses into an artistic form. Some teenagers sold their purses at this fashion event, and some of the purses were auctioned off at a Silent Auction. There were also raffles drawn.

The small store was crowded with young people and adults, partying together. There was a bar, liquid nitrogen dessert, cotton candy, cookies, and cookie dough pop on a stick, as well as champagne, mineral water, and water. I drank one glass of tequila/vodka/jalapeno in juice drink and a flute of champagne, as well as lots of sugary candy. I tried the Pina Colada cotton candy flavor, even there were also watermelon and mango flavors. I think I drank the liquor too fast because I felt my head was gone elsewhere. So, I drank water and mineral water afterwards. I started feeling better after the water. Then, at 7 pm, there was a fashion show, where the teen designers displayed their purse designs and clothing designs. It ended at 7:30pm, and I drove back home.

I did a video at the event, as well as took some snapshots. I need to upload everything and edit my video. I will post the video later.

Liquid Nitrogen dessert…

Cotton Candy…my favorite childhood candy…

More candy and water…

The bar…tequila, vodka, jalapenos, and other fruity flavors…

business card about the Project STYLED fashion event…


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