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Our Last Song Together

With the holidays coming the memories cannot be stopped. I found the photo which was the last one taken of me and my late husband. Every year the US Embassy in Riga, Latvia gave a Fourth of July picnic for all of their citizens living in Latvia and their family and friends. For quite a few years we would go the picnics and have a great time for several hours with free food, beer, and a lot of fun. Our last picnic was in July of 2017 and by mid-August, he was gone. This photo brings it all back and the song “Our Last Song Together” by Neil Simon.


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  1. We cannot sometimes choose the emotional state of our story. It is chosen for us. What we do with that pain, what we do with those memories, that is what connects us to the universe.

    He is not truly gone, just waiting for you in the next stage of existence.


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