Not Attending The Prom – 1

Last year, as  “Acting Principal” I saw how things were done.

I had been quiet, letting the Vice Principal and Head Teachers run the show, while  making mental notes.

Now that I am Principal I make my mark.

Last year, the first staff meeting after Easter Break, concerned “THE PROM.

As I heard the word, I had turned the meeting over to the Vice Principal and reported to my Office to be sick.

Prom, the very word, was up there with Armageddon. 

“Prom”  was a concept I did not want to contemplate.

Oh, I will never forget my High School Prom. The Prom I didn’t attend. The Prom I didn’t attend because no one asked me.

What do you think?

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  1. I do agree that it is the best part of being in high school. Unfortunately, we don’t have a prom during my school days. The principal is so tough and not allowing the students to have such an event. c”,)

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