Noruz Festival 2019, Cyrus the Great

Sunday, 3.24.19, 1pm to 6 pm

Cyrus the Great skit with actors in traditional Persian costumes. He was born on 600 BC in Anshan, Iran, and he died on December 4, 530 BC, in Syr Darya. He was the founder of the first Persian Empire.

Cyrus II of Persia was married to Cassandane, and the son of Mandane of Media and Cambyses I. Cyrus was buried in the Tomb of Cyrus in Iran, on December 4th, 530 BC.

I decided to make two video clips about Cyrus because the dramatic introduction was longer than I anticipated. 

In this second video clip, Cyrus actor makes his monologue about founding the first Persian Empire.


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