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There is a whole lot to say about the role of women in society, sure, there are the few who are  as pure as the driven snow but have drifted a tad or two in general however, and science backs me up on this, that there exists such a being as a perfect woman.

As you browse through these images and captions, regardless of how you perceive your version of the ideal woman to be, note that not only have I been Married to this very person, but scientists actually compiled the list.

Added to the list of 14, is number 15, which is based on my personal observation, it is this fact, women never age!

So, ladies, please don’t fuss so about your looks, to guys like me, you are as beautiful as the day we first set eyes on you. If your man can’t see that, well he’s as blind as a bat, tell him I said so!

Today, 2nd. March 2018 marks 44 years of being with my dear lady Daleen. The day went by as most of the previous 43 aniversaries before this one, no fancy ceremony just a warm hug and a really meaningful kiss.

Although life has thrown its fair share of curve balls at us, it’s how we face up to the mysterious space that exists between birth and death, that matters, after all of human life, in so far as it has meaning, is but an assortment of qualities.



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  1. <3 <3 <3 Happy Happy Anniversary, Andre’ and Daleen! <3 <3 <3 Note: Your link here is taking us back to "14 Signs You're With A Good Man." Just thought you needed to know… On another note, you two give me hope that one day I'll find the treasure in another that you, together, have found 😀 Admittedly, it hasn't turned out so well for me so far… So, yes, keep those beautiful lights shining bright! <3 <3 We see you! 🙂

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