My October Agenda…Organizing my life

Monday, October 1, 2018

Today, I think about my October agenda, which consists mostly of meetups, gym workouts, working on my graphic novel script, and drawing the book covers. At 1 pm, after yoga class, I felt a rebirth or encouraging feeling, as I walked to my parked car. It was like I had a fresh new perspective on life, and I was seeing everything around me for the first time. I feel there is changes happening or going to happen, although I am not sure what they are yet, maybe it has to do with doing something new or going on a new path.

I am considering trying a Zumba class at the gym for fun, even though I suck at dancing. But I will probably try it next Wednesday.

I also need to write my dreams in a notebook, if I remember any dream, so that I can analyze my dreams for fun. I need to be more organized and set some goals.

I really felt a brand new start today…like I was being energized.

Very early this morning, I did some minor reorganizing in my bedroom, but I need reorganize my whole bedroom.

This evening, while watching a movie on the indie channel, there was a storm warning of flash floods for Riverside and Orange Counties. I don’t know where these flash floods suddenly came from because the weather today was very humid.

I already have events written on my October calendar, and my October agenda is already filling up.

October 29 is National Cat Day

October 24 is Full Moon


What do you think?

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