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Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is celebrated in the US on tomorrow, Sunday May 13th. I avoid the crowds and restaurants on this day. But it is all good. I stay home and this year I have bluebirds to watch. The only thing I wish could change is for others to realize I am still a Mom. Yes I lost my child, my only child. But that does not change the fact that I am still “Dustin’s Mom”. People still tiptoe around this subject. I understand that. But I need to hear his name. I need to hear Happy Mother’s Day. Not to be avoided or walk on eggshells around.

I am at a better place with the situation after a few years now. But I still wanted to put this message out there for whoever reads it. If you know of a Mom who has lost a child, say her child’s name. Tell her Happy Mother’s Day. She needs to hear those words.

The photo below is on my wall and is a reminder that… “Mothers hold their children’s hands for a short while, but their hearts forever.” Such true words. Like I said, we are forever a Mom.

I Am A Mom

But my son is not here

I Am A Mom

Who feels an emptiness

Over and over again

Because I miss my son

And all that could have been

I Am A Mom

Who has precious memories

I Am A Mom

Who Is thankful

For the miracle of birth

And all my son taught me

I Am A Mom

I can never stop being a Mom

Just because my son is not here

The love we had for each other

Will continue forever

On this Mother’s Day

and on every day

I will feel within my heart all the pride,

Love And Joy

Which are the parts that make me who I am

I Am A Mom… I am Dustin’s Forever Mom


I wrote this poem as I thought about others celebrating Mother’s Day. Yes it is sad but it is how I feel. Even though I may be sad that Dustin is not here, I still would like to wish all of you Mothers and Grandmothers out there a VERY SPECIAL HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY. You are all blessed to have children and grandchildren. Enjoy every single second you have with them.


What do you think?

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Written by Carol DM


  1. Awe, this is a pretty silhouette, and thank you for reminding people that just because you lost a child, you are still a mom, and you’re the best ever Carol. I had already wished you a Happy Moms day in a previous post, but again. Happy Mother’s Day. Great poem btw.

  2. Carol you are an extraordinary person and even though Dustin is not here to wish you his spirit resides in your heart. Maybe it’s just me who believes this, I think that when you mother the nature around your garden you are not doing it alone. Happy Mother’s Day. Keep shining!
    While I’m writing this, the song ‘That’s what friends are for’ comes to mind. Cos that’s what you are to nature and all the people you are connected to.

    • Making me cry Bradley but happy tears that you took the time to write these words. And you are right, I feel like a Bluebird Mom, hummingbird Mom, butterfly Mom, etc. You have made my day my friend. Love that song.

  3. It was there when I first said my words!
    It was there when I took the first step!
    She was there when I fell, and she stood me up!
    She was there to teach me things that no one else knows!
    She was there to encourage me in life!
    She was the woman who was always next to me – my mom
    Now she is gone but she remains forever my mother.
    Happy birthday to mother Carol, your heart is very full of maternal affection. In addition to the sadness in your verse, this great love is greatly expressed.

    • You are so kind Elenka, this is beautiful. I love each word and will keep it forever.
      Happy Mother’s Day to you my dear friend.

  4. Ellie said something the same as I want to say, such a moving post. Besides that, I need to appreciate your lovely poem but especially to say “Happy Mother’s Day, Carol”, you are a great mother!

  5. Such a moving post! I also think that being a mother is more than giving birth, it’s about giving love and care. You are a mother in every sense. Happy Mother’s Day!

  6. Happy Mother’s Day. I have never been a Mum. Yet my husband always wishes me Happy Mothers Day. Its hard to lose people. As I’ve grown older and done home care, I have lost more people to illness, its not easy at any time.Yet I have some really good friends.