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Visiting my Dad is always on my list of priorities. He turned 85 recently. It will be time to see him again soon. On my last trip we went out to eat and reminisced about the good ole days. The bird feeder I gave him is still being used in his front yard. It is in front of his window, the same one his recliner is in front of, to make sure he has a bird’s eye view of the birds!

I know I am blessed to still have my Dad. I lost my Mom at age 14. And no siblings alive. So he has me, and I have him. Many miles are between us. But I try not to let that come in between the visits. I know how important it is to stay in touch with him. We talk daily, sometimes more than once. His memory is not what it used to be. But he is still alert for 85. Just a reminder to all of you to go visit your parents and your loved ones. We never know what tomorrow holds for any of us.

We have two chairs we sit in  when I visit in the yard. When the weather allows we sit for hours talking and usually drinking coffee. Lots of memories made, and many more to be made. Never take anyone or anything for granted in this life. It can all be gone in the blink of an eye. Savor those precious moments.


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Written by Carol DM


  1. I am currently taking care of my mom, 91, and with the recent diagnosis, the time we have is even more crucial. I agree with you about not taking anyone/anything for granted!

  2. I really like the short stories and suggestions you put in. Very glad that in our current age, we still have a parent, at least one of them. I also still have a mother who is currently 75 years old. My mother and father have a very distant age difference, 13 years old, and he has passed away in the year 87. My mother also lives alone in our childhood home, and usually on weekends, if she is willing, I or my brother, or my sisters pick her up dan asked her to stay overnight.

  3. “Never take anyone or anything for granted in this life. It can all be gone in the blink of an eye.” So very true. We forget this at our peril. You are a good daughter, Carol 🙂

    • Absolutely Norman, it took losing a child for me to realize it. And I try to be there for my Dad as much as possible. Do not want any regrets. Thank you!

  4. Unfortunately, my parents died very early (I was barely 30 years old). I and my sister live in the same house so that we are together every day

  5. Unfortunately, my parents and my sister, who was less than me. Now not among us. As long as we were alive, we kept contact. We heard it quite often.