March 11 is Daylight Savings Time

I woke up this morning at 9 am, but I still felt tired and groggy for some reason. So, I went back to bed for another house. At 10 am, I felt more energized.  But when I went downstairs, I realized that I need to change the clocks because the TV clock was 11 am. So, I changed the microwave time before doing my breakfast. I still haven’t changed the car time. I worked on my graphic novel all morning, and I finally drew the last page of 200 pages. Now, I need to retouch 200 pages and redraw pages that I can’t retouch and fix. What a headache! It looks like there is no end. There is always something I need to fix or redo. It looks dry today, but I was inside all day.

Since the first day of March, I have already noticed the sky is getting lighter until 6 pm, especially when I go on my walking group meetups. It will officially be springtime on March 20th.

I added my Yoworld San Francisco condo screenshot because the theme is about Springtime in San Francisco.


What do you think?


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  1. i wrote a lame type in the first sentence. i accidentally typed the wrong word. I typed “house” by accident when it is supposed to be “hour”, in the sentence “…for another hour.” i think sometimes i type fast, and it types the wrong word, which sounds stupid in the sentence.


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