Lucky 11.11

Saturday, November 10, 2018

Today, I decided to check out a local Holiday Arts & Crafts fair. It was interesting to check out some people’s creative handmade items. Some of the creative people were actually kids. I remember doing stuff like this as a kid, but I never tried to sell anything. Some of the items make good holiday gifts, and even stocking stuffers, or create your own gift basket or gift bag for a holiday or birthday gift. I stayed until 1 pm, just browsing and checking out different items. Then, I decided to come home, eat a small snack, and make some vegan hot cocoa.

I turned on my computer at 2:22 pm. The internet was a little bit better, but still lagging.  I got on Facebook, but it still lagged. I also went on Yoworld for a while, and I chatted with others there, in which I noticed that they were experiencing similar internet problems.  I couldn’t do anything yesterday. Not sure how much I will do today. I am not sure what is going on, or if they are doing some censorship program, which is creating lags. I am willing to bet this is all Google.

I think I will just work on my graphic novel. I have 180 more pages to scan, type, and work with page layout issues.

Virily had glitches today. I will try again later…maybe tomorrow if I am lucky…

I did 4 pages. Then, I took a break to eat a snack and check my mailbox. I noticed two issues of California Style Magazines for September and October, which will give me a lot of fashion ideas to blog about. But I still couldn’t post anything on Virily.  It was actually lagging everywhere on the internet. But, surprisingly, I was still able to watch Youtube videos.

Fastforward to Sunday morning, 11.11.18, at around 11:00 am…

This morning, I browsed through two new California Style Magazines that I received together in my mailbox while watching Grimm Brothers’ Snow White. This movie is definitely for adults because it is a dark drama, but it is also interesting to watch because the children version is very corny and lame.  I noticed that the September issue is the thickest magazine. But it is already November, and I don’t understand why they were late in mailing the September and October issues. I also noticed that both issues had similar fall styles. I will later post ideas I liked in both magazines, and what I actually would wear.

Today is lucky 11.11 because I made it into posting on Virily…but this first post is my summary for the past couple of days in which I wasn’t able to post or couldn’t really do much on the internet…


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