Love Bites

Three years ago, I have posted our memorable pictures of my wife and myself taking a big bite of a watermelon cut into small piece. It’s Valentine’s Day and we did it to make it memorable.

Our 2-year old daughter was with us. She took turn of feeding us of the said watermelon. We’re amused and  happy for the initiative of showing how cares and loves us.

My wife gets fed too

Inday Sophie feeds my wife too. What a gratifying feeling we have had for such initiative manifested by our granddaughter. ?

What do you think?

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  1. that is such a sweet thing to be involved with as a couple, you don’t hear about such things
    as this all the time now days, you look like a happy loving couple that has no end insight :>}
    I love to hear about things like this, it just makes me wish there were more stories like this.

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