Last Night's 2 Dreams

Wednesday, May 29, 2019

Last night, I was laying down on my boho cushions with a comfy blanket and watching the movie, Downsizing, which was interesting but quite disturbing, I was going in and out sleep, in which I had another weird dream or two. I cannot remember the dreams now because I didn’t write it down right away after I woke up. But I do remember that the first one was about some sort of confusion, where I was looking for something. And the second one was the conclusion, in which the answers or solution was given.

A couple of hours later passed, and I suddenly remembered the dreams, which were interesting. There appeared to be some kind of festive celebration.

I was at a big mall, I think, Fashion Island in Newport Beach. It appeared that there was a fun carnival going on, and there were a lot of young adults hanging out together and socializing. Everyone was friendly and sociable, as well as very helpful and congenial. I appeared to be having fun, meeting lots of people and hanging out with them because I seemed to relate to them. Some rooms looked like nightclubs. There were also booths and carts with food and snacks. But when I was browsing around in the daylight, something about the event was about the New World Order. Suddenly, I noticed it is getting dark. So, I decided to leave. But I forgot where I parked my yellow Beetle. I was walking around parking lots looking for the color yellow. But nothing was yellow.

Second dream involved the conclusion. While I was walking around, a friendly girl approached me to chat. I told her I cannot find my car. I forgot where I parked. She tells me that she will walk around with me to help me find it. We took a stroll all over the parking lots, looking for my car and chatting together. We appeared to be having fun, and it looked like I made a new friend. Suddenly, I remembered I had this issue at the malls before. And, a light bulb turned on above my head. I should contact mall security so they can drive me around in their cart to look for my yellow Beetle. I remember this has happened twice in the past, at two different local malls. I asked the girl where the mall security is located.

And, that’s when I woke up.


What do you think?


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    • I dont know. they are just interesting and fun.

      i think one or two came true in the past, but there were different people in real life. so, the dreams were a bit off, but had the same exact story.

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