It's Gonna Be Another Christmas

I wrote this amusing poem about one Christmas in Latvia. We really did not have much but what we had was a lot of Christmas spirit. That is the most important thing. I was also inspired by the Rusty Chevrolet song so take a listen and I hope this brought a great big smile to you.

Well it’s gonna be another Christmas

Craziest one we’ve had

There ain’t no money

Anywhere to be had 

So we’ll decorate the living room

To chase away all the gloom

Off to the forest, we’ll go

To chop the Christmas tree down

Then comes Christmas Eve

We’ll light those Christmas lights

Make sure we got dance music

and do the Christmas polka

There’ll be no roast

But chili dogs are fine with me

An ice-cold mug of beer

Will do just right

Then we’ll rock around the Christmas tree

Till we’re good and dizzy

Comes round midnight

Well that’s Bible reading time

So we’ll have ourselves the merriest Christmas

That we possibly can

No presents, no expenses

Just pure and honest love

And if we had an old Chevy

We’d go for a sleigh ride

‘Cause a horse would have to pull it

and we’d sing the Rusty Chevrolet song

So if you want a real old fashioned kind of holiday

Come visit us at Christmas

Everything will be real simple

and remember to have lots of fun


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